Friday, July 15, 2011

We're starting this already???

So I never intended to make this blog into a summary of the previous nights' game, in fact I hate when people do that. However, last night's game against the Phillies deserves mention here. Now anybody who's brave enough to call themselves a true Mets fan knows the Mets M.O: give you hope through the first half of the season, die out during the second. But it's never started THIS early. Normally they'll give you a month or so. I actually found myself thinking after a couple of nice plays by Pagan and Turner, "Well at least the defense is flying high," but no, the defense screwed us over more than our lack of offense in the end. Either way, the sloppy play was out in full force last night, and we can all just hope the guys just needed to get back into the swing of things after a longer-than-normal All-Star break.

Now am I the only one feeling like the Phillies are becoming the Yankees of the National League? I mean I may be biased in that I hate the Yankees more than any other sports team, and the Phillies are right up there under the Patriots (damn you Tom Brady...I'm tired of seeing your face selling cologne in Sports Illustrated), but the two teams just don't seem likable. Maybe it's just the low amount of class the fans seem to have. I mean all you hear from Yankees fans is "27 rings! 27 rings!" You want to make an easy $20 off a Yankees fan? Bet them they can't tell you how many rings the Yanks have, and when they say 27 say, "Nope, 26. The first one they got a pocket watch!" and walk away richer. I digress, but believe me, if this blog lasts this won't be last you hear of my hatred towards these teams.

Watching the game last night I did come to a positive realization while listening to Keith, Ron and Gary talk. They mentioned chemistry, and how this team of stragglers from AAA seem to have found it. That's what made me happy. I knew there was something different with this team I couldn't put my finger on. The Mets have been losing for a long time, but yet the fans still seem to have loved them. These past few years it seemed like something was missing, and the fan base felt it. But now they've achieved that chemistry they had in the pitiful 1960's, in the ugly 90's and early millennium. They're not just losers this year, they've come back to being lovable losers.

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