Friday, July 29, 2011

Bye Bye Beltran

It's been two days since Beltran became a Giant, and the team doesn't seem to have missed a beat. Duda's been proving his worth in right, and the offense has showed up in full to finish off that four game sweep in Cinci. More often than not these past two games all I'm hearing from the fans is "Carlos who?" Now I'm guilty of saying Beltran wasn't worth what the Mets got him for, and he wasn't. He was paid on one series where he really broke out. But in all he was still a big part of the Mets team since '05. Without him we wouldn't have won the NL East in '06 or come as close as we did in the years following. And keep in mind he had injury plagued seasons, which we can't really hold against him. Yet all we as Mets fans, and those who love to make fun of us (yea I'm looking at you in the Bronx and Philly), remember is that he struck out looking to end our World Series bid. The truth is he mattered to who we are as a team today, and I whipped up this video to commemorate that. So thank you Carlos, and I hope you bring your successful season to San Fran. That is until we meet again in the NLCS!

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