Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Man Who Saved Jose

So if you're a Mets fan reading this, you may have already heard of The 7 Line. I stumbled into hearing about the company from my cousin who got a hold of a beer cozy from them, cleverly reading "Gettin' Shitty at Citi!" Since then I've become a huge supporter, one of 1,424 Twitter followers and 7,465 Facebook fans.

The founder, Mets fan Darren Meenan, started this company just a few years ago as a voice for fans, making and selling many different original shirts out of a warehouse in Queens. His shirts, several of which are also focused on the Jets and Knicks, say what official sponsors such as Nike can't. Some calling out the Mets ownership we fans have become fed up with, others simply being too racy for official sponsors to put out.

The 7 Line has been accumulating immense amounts of press as of late, having tv spots on Mets Weekly or pictures in several New York papers. Much of this press has come from what's been coined the "Don't Trade Reyes" movement. This season Meenan created a shirt design that reads those three magic words, and the shirt became a phenomenon. Don't Trade Reyes signs and shirts have created a TON of buzz in the Mets world, being mentioned/shown during games, in post game interviews, newspaper articles, and the list goes on. The message has seemed to stick as the Mets just came out yesterday saying they are 100% sure they will not trade Reyes by the upcoming trade deadline. I'd like to think the Don't Trade Reyes rallies that have been held displaying The 7 Line message have had something to do with this, since at the season's beginning Reyes was in all trade gossip.

Now I could easily go on and on about this company, the shirt designs, and the different news stories it has created this season, but I want anyone reading this to check out their store/blog themselves. So make sure you take the time to visit , trust me it's well worth it. And make sure to keep an eye out at Citi for the giant Don't Trade Reyes sign Meenan proudly displays, as well at the many other stadiums the Mets may be playing at where followers make their own signs supporting the movement.

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