Friday, July 15, 2011

First Post

Ok so for God knows how long now people have been pushing me to get a blog. I was never that into it mainly because I wasn't sure what I have to write about. Then I thought, "What am I most passionate about?" and it came to me: the Mets. I've been bleeding orange and blue since I was born so it's only logical I would dedicate a blog to my team. I am skeptical however. There are plenty of fan blogs out there, so who knows if I can say anything they can't. These days any sports fan with an internet connection thinks they can be a sports writer or an ESPN commentator. But I figured what the hell, worst case scenario no one follows this and I'm just venting to myself. Just to catch anyone up who's reading this, the AllStar break just ended and the Mets start a homestretch against the Phillies tonight. Reyes is intended to return after the weekend, it's just come out that Wright should be back next Friday, Davis is still out for who knows how long, KRod was just shipped to Milwaukee, and the Wilpons still have no idea how to run a baseball team. Let's get this blog rolling...

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